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Having returned to work in the business sector I am utilising my unique combination of skills as a consultant to a variety of technology and energy companies and organisations. Individually I am able to bring added value to their key business strategies. Lobbying companies, such as Political Intelligence or Tim Wilson & Associates are using me as a political consultant. For more details see Political lobbying page.

Through the Initiatives in Business Development Network I am providing business advice and extra management capacity to small and medium companies who cannot afford the charges of the main management consultancy firms. My unique set of skills will be invaluable to any company facing regulatory burdens, looking for Government grants, too busy with the day to day business to plan for the future or who are looking to move to the next level. For more details on how I can help your company see Business Advice section

I Chair of Milton Keynes Energy Agency  and am a Board member of National Energy Foundation.

I am currently working to support the new canal project linking Bedford to Milton Keynes and have endorsed the campaign to get Milton Keynes an elected Mayor .

You can find out more about my background and my areas of interest and expertise by going to my 'Life of Brian' page.

Brian White

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New anti-terrorist law is a lose-lose scenario for IT - We must learn to use technology to our advantage. Silicon.com, 26 October 2005

 Policing the internet will take more than law - We need more forensic officers. Silicon.com, Software, 20 September 2005

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