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Brian and Gordon Brown Did you know that around 200 small companies could go bust today, and that the majority of them are saveable if only they would ask for help.

Providing for small and medium sized businesses what Management Consultants do for large companies and without the high fees they charge.

Brian does this by tailoring what is needed for businesses at a cost they can afford. He recognises that spare time is the one commodity small companies rarely have and he can provide that extra resource which often makes the difference between survival and continued existence.

Many companies also use this capacity as the springboard to growing their company to the next level.

Brian starts by providing a free health check of your company which will take a maximum of a hour of your time. From this he can identify those areas where action is needed or where there are opportunities for growth.

Prior to entering Parliament Brian had 20 years experience in both public and private sector of designing computer systems, project management and designing management organisational structures. He helped design the main VAT accounting system and he has extensive knowledge of regulations and accessing Government funds and grant opportunities.

These skills he is now using, after setting up his own company, to provide business advice to small and medium sized companies in the Milton Keynes area. He can solve problems that have often defeated others and happens because he uses techniques that have worked in other place and adapts the to your circumstances. He doesn’t use a tick box approach beloved of some consultants.

Services provided include:

- Drawing up business plans for use by Business Link and others
- Drawing up marketing plans and planning growth in a company.
- Accessing Government funds and completing grant/lottery application bids
- Tackling regulatory barriers
- Introducing new technology and buying computer software.
- Web design and selection, generating ecommerce opportunities
- Designing, implementing, testing and management of computer systems
- Identification of business opportunities.

Brian has a wide range of contacts in the business world and will always be able to put you in contact with the right person to do the job you require.

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