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We have included here a brief summary about Brian's background and about his parliamentary career. It should give you an idea of Brian's past and present interest and of the areas he has acquired a considerable understanding and expertise.


Brian was educated at the Methodist College Belfast in Northern Ireland. He left after completing his A Levels in Maths, Economics and Politics.

His first job was working for HM Customs and Excise at the VAT computer Headquarters in Southend. One of the more unusual tasks he was given in the glorious long hot summer of 1976 was to be paid to go racecourses to bet on horses. What better start to a career than being out in the sun, being paid to enjoy yourself and know that every time his bet failed he wasnít out of pocket. [Other Customs officials later checked that Brianís bets had been put through the bookies accounts.] He worked there for eight years learning the skills he would later use and developing various computer systems, some of which are still in existence. In fact, the VAT accounting system is still substantially in the form he designed it.

In 1983 he left the UK to work abroad in Washington DC, Finland and Canada. During this time he was involved in developing a variety of systems.

Upon returning  to the country he worked for a short time designing systems for an insurance company before moving onto Abbey National where he worked until his election in May 1997.He was first elected to the parliament in the 1997 General Election with a majority of only 240, and re-elected in the 2001 General Election with an increased majority of 1829. Unfortunately this came to a pause in May 2005 when he was a casualty of the mood in parts of the country to punish Mr Blair over Iraq despite Brian not having voted for it. Click hereÖ

Prior to entering Parliament Brian combined a career as a System Analyst with involvement in local and national politics for many years. He was the first Secretary of the Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group and extensively involved in the merger negotiations, which preceded the establishment of the LGA. As Deputy Leader he also was responsible for setting up the Milton Keynes Unitary Council in 1996 and his last Budget prior to entering Parliament was the last time Council Tax was reduced for the people of MK.

During his time in Parliament Brian kept involved with technology companies as one of the few MPs with a wide technological knowledge and was extensively involved in campaigning for sustainable energy. He was also widely recognised as somebody who understood how regulation and was responsible for changing the way two key Regulators OFCOM & OFGEM carry out their regulatory duties. His experiences on the Regulatory Reform Committee and the Public Administration Select Committees gave  him valuable insight to the inner workings of our national bureaucracies.

Brian got married to Leena whilst in Finland. On 4 July 2005 they celebrated 21 years together making them wonder why it only seemed like yesterday they were in that registry office in Oulu in northern Finland with Miikka and Kim both wondering what their mother was doing with this strange Irishman.

They have amassed an extensive book collection which necessitated finding a bigger house and when he has the time Brian is still an active armchair sportsman addicted to most sports. However, one sport which he has recently taken part actively was during a local charity fundraising where he proved that he can walk on fire.


Brian White

Brian, Leena and Nalle

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